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Maxx Pro MRAP 1:16 RC 2.4 GHz Torro
Maxx Pro MRAP 1:16 RC 2.4 GHz Torro
CHF 219.90
Ladegerät Dual-Star Charger V2.1AC/150W DC/240W
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Ladegerät Dual-Star Charger V2.1AC/150W DC/240W (Image 2)
Ladegerät Dual-Star Charger V2.1AC/150W DC/240W (Image 3)

Ladegerät Dual-Star Charger V2.1AC/150W DC/240W

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CHF 119.00


Technische Daten:

Betriebsspannung: 11 bis 18 Volt DC / 100 bis 220 Volt AC
NiCd/NiMH: 1 bis 15 Zellen
LiPo/LiFe/LiIon: 1 bis 6 Zellen
PB: 2V-20V (1-10 Zellen)
Ladestrom: 0.1 bis 10.0 Ampere
Entladestrom: 0.1 bis 2.0 Ampere
Ladeleistung: AC: 1x120W 1x120W (Total 240W)
DC: 1x 150W 1x120W (Total 270W
Entladeleistung: 10W
Balancer- Ausgleichsstrom: 400mA
Abmessung: 145x105x64mm
USM Output: 5V / 1A
Smart Battery: 5-25V, 0.1-10A
Gewicht: ca. 754g


HRC AC/DC Dual Star Charger V2.0 with LiHV mode and intelligent power distribution!

The HRC Racing Dual Star Charge is a part of our succesful Star Chargers range.

This dual charger features 2 output ports, as well as a USB output for your smartphone
or any other USB device you may need in your pit. The intelligent power distribution supply
up to 150 W power to each channel individually. This new function controls the power
distribution. (Example: CH 1 charge 110 W there will be 130 W available for CH 2).
This is a really great feature!

As usual with HRC Racing chargers, the quality is extremely high, and the charger
features a smart design and nice packaging, which of course includes 3 complete
user manuals, in English, French and German !




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